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Roxicodone (30mg)

Roxicodone is a narcotic medication used to treat mild to severe pain. Its generic name is oxycodone hydrochloride. As it is an opioid analgesic, it dulls down the pain receptors and overall affects the nervous system. It is not a regular painkiller so it should only be used with a prescription from the doctor and when no other treatments seem to be working. It is usually used before and after a surgery to reduce the pain element. If you have not been given Roxicodone before surgery then it is better if you do not take it even after the surgery.

What are some of the side effects caused by Roxicodone?

Roxicodone can cause respiratory depression i.e a breathing disorder that causes ineffective and slow breathing. Furthermore, addiction to Roxicodone is another problem. People who already have a history of drug or alcohol abuse are asked to avoid Roxicodone. As it is an opioid, it gets extremely difficult to stop using this medication. Roxicodone makes you dizzy, light-headed, and sleepy so it is advised that you avoid driving until your body has fully adapted to this medication. Do not use any pills having alcohol or liquid alcohol during the treatment as it can react with your use of Roxicodone and result in overdose or even death. Common side effects caused by Roxicodone are nausea, tiredness, vomiting, constipation, and even abdominal pain. If you have shortness of breath, trouble breathing, fast heart rate, swelling of tongue, throat, or face, trouble walking, fever and you feel like you are going to faint then, contact your doctor immediately.

Who should avoid using Roxicodone?

It should only be used by people for whom all other treatments have failed to work. People who are already suffering from different breathing problems such as bronchitis, minor or major asthma, any other lung disease, gastrointestinal obstruction, narrowing of intestines, and hypersensitivity to oxycodone should not use this medicine. Your doctor should know if you are pregnant while using Roxicodone as, if used over time it can cause harm to the newborn. It can be passed down and cause harm to the baby through breast milk. Inform your doctor beforehand if you have issues while urination, seizures, head injuries, kidney, liver, or other pancreatic problems. Having grapefruit or grapefruit juice during the use of this medicine is risky as it can increase the chance of side effects. Roxicodone cannot be consumed simultaneously with any other painkiller as it can result in several liver problems.

Can Roxicodone be injected rather than swallowing?

Roxicodone 30mg is a light green colored tablet. It is preferred to be used only by mouth and not injected or crushed and snorted. When people inject it inside their bodies, their brain gets it all together in under 30 seconds, this can lead to immediate respiratory failure. The chances of having respiratory failure are present even for people who use it as recommended. So, naturally, the risk is far greater for those who abuse it. Those who survive even after an overdose of Roxicodone have serious side effects. In fact, it is safe to say that they are almost never fully healthy again. They have weak pulses, high blood pressure, spasms in the stomach or intestines, vomiting, constipation dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. The more serious ones might even end up in a comma.

What are the dosage instructions for Roxicodone?

Adults above the age of eighteen years are instructed to start Roxicodone 5 to 15 mg every 4- 6 hours as prescribed by the doctor. Initially start using it at a lower dosage and monitor its effects. Do not stop using this medicine abruptly and without your doctor’s consent. Do it gradually by reducing the dose. Do not change your dose without the consent of your doctor, it can prove to be fatal. Children below eighteen years of age should NOT have this medicine. Roxicodone should be stored at room temperature and kept in a dry place. It should not be placed anywhere near children or people with addiction problems. Patients taking Roxicodone should be aware of the fact that it can cause serious harm to others if left unattended. If you miss a dose then take it when you remember about it. Do not take it if it is almost the time of the second dose. Do not double the use to compensate for the missed one as you can overdose and die.

What difficulties might be faced when trying to stop consuming Roxicodone?

By now we know that injecting Roxicodone is way worse than swallowing it. Similarly, people who inject this medicine face way more problems in quitting it compared to those who swallow it. People who inject Roxicodone can easily have to face diseases like hepatitis and HIV when they use shared needles. Some symptoms of withdrawal include insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration, suicidal thoughts, diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose, extreme sweating, fever, irritability, goosebumps, muscle aches, and stomach cramps. People who start the withdrawal but leave t midway and start consuming Roxicodone again have a greater risk of overdose. As their tolerance decreases when they stop consuming the drug. If they resume consuming the same amount of Roxicodone as before their body will not be able to handle it and they can die. 

In most of the world including the united states misuse of prescription drugs/ opioids is a serious healthcare issue. It is safe to say that it might be the first or second biggest addiction in the nation after alcohol abuse. The reason is mostly because of their easy access. In addition, there is a misconception among people that drug abuse using prescription medicines is somehow less harmful than using other illegal drugs.