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Managing mental health during social movements and civil unrest

Managing mental health during social movements and civil unrest:

Civil unrest is defined by the act of violence that is harmful to public law and order.  The acts may include general physical violence, rebellion acts, unlawful accumulations, or rampage. The causes of the rising civil unrest may be some kinds of social movements. In the current situation of a social pandemic, nothing is surprising with the rise of civil unrest and its impacts on people. Civil unrest has undoubtedly affected individuals and kids equally.

Impacts of civil unrest on people: 

The impacts also comprised world-wide protests that also created anxiety and fear in people. This made people feel unsafe even those who only observed the situations happen.  Mental health that is very important to be maintained is at a high risk to be impacted so it is our responsibility to find ways to maintain our emotional mental health.

To- do list:

One has to take immediate precautions and measures to practice mental health stability. For this purpose, you should follow the following tips to start from a new edge:

  • Spend stress-free time: get yourself to spend quality time that brings you away from social media, news stories, or daily news feed across different social media sites and forums. Instead, spend your time while listening to your favorite music tracks, do some exercise and yoga to divert your attention to physical activity, do meditation, and read the different books.  Giving time to yourself will practically take to you better mental health. This is the best possible way to manage your anxiety attacks and fear caused by civil unrest.
  • Stop coffee or alcohol intakes: immediately stop taking any kind of caffeine products or any alcoholic drinks. According to diet specialists, both these can highly cause anxiety problems thus, making your mental health even worse.
  • Stay positive throughout all your need to do during the Civil unrest time is to stay all the way positive. This is not an easy task to do for one but mustering up the courage to do this highly appreciable. It can directly lead you to feel mentally relaxed, happy, positively overwhelmed. Learn to control the things you can, talk to yourself about the topic you love.
  • Use your respiratory system to relax: we might have not noticed it often but taking a deep relaxing breath can have you much relaxed. The sighs right after the satisfaction of doing something properly.  So take deep breaths that help a lot to focus that has been believed to do so for centuries.
  • Interact with others if satisfactory: in case if one feels comfortable enough, do interact with others. Share your good feelings with them and listen to theirs as well.  if not good things, then talk about your fears or anxiety, communicate your heart out and try to create a friendly environment for everyone out there and yourself.
  • Don’t feel helpless: civil unrest causes serious mental irregularities that are sometimes really challenging to deal with. So if you are going through some of them. there is nothing wrong to see help from others.  Sometimes asking for help or giving help can be satisfying and comforting as a community element of the social individual.
  • Act as strong citizens: almost more than half of the people around you can be going through the same trauma while you are. So there is a high requirement of acting as cooperative and supportive citizens while helping each other maintain better mental health and a stress-free society.


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