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What is Etizolam?

Etizolam belongs to the benzodiazepine drug group. It is a powerful anti-anxiety medication. It is used to cure insomnia temporarily and to regulate anxiety.  As it belongs to the medical group of thieno diazepine (benzodiazepine), it has amnesic, sedative, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant properties. it produces a better calming effect on the brain. Basically, it is an anti-anxiety pill but it can also help get rid of insomnia.

In what dosage should Etizolam be consumed?

The ailment being treated, the patient’s age and medical history, and other factors can affect the dosage of etizolam. It is necessary to take the medicine exactly as directed by healthcare.

The common initial dose

The initial dose of etizolam for anxiety disorders is 0.25 to 0.5 mg. The maximum daily dose suggested is 3 mg.

Etizolam’s usual beginning dose for seizure disorders is 0.5–1 mg administered twice or three times daily. The highest dose that is suggested per day is 6 mg.

Using this medicine for one month or more means you have become physically as well as mentally addicted to this drug and you will probably face serious withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming etizolam.

Side effects

Raise blood prolactin levels

A medical disorder known as hyperprolactinaemia could occur as a result of etizolam’s ability to raise blood prolactin levels.

Periods that are not scheduled

In women, this disorder may cause periods that are not scheduled, infertility, and spontaneous production of breast milk.

Hypogonadism and infertility

It may result in erectile dysfunction, infertility, and hypogonadism in males.

Abnormal contractions

Blepharospasm, a condition characterised by abnormal contractions or twitches of one or both eyelids, can be brought on by long-term etizolam use.

Skin lesions

Etizolam has been shown to produce skin lesions in extremely rare circumstances.
Alcohol or other CNS-active substances combined with etizolam can have disastrous adverse effects that can result in overdose and major medical conditions like death or coma.

Who should avoid using this medicine?

Pregnant women

If you are pregnant then you should avoid using this medicine. And at least consult your doctor before starting treatment as this medication can have life-threatening effects on the unborn.


If you are a breastfeeding mother then you should avoid etizolam as it can pass down through breastmilk and leave lifelong side effects on the baby.

Patient with lung Disease

If you have any kind of lung and kidney disorder then you should inform your doctor before taking this medicine.

Aged people

old people should avoid using this medicine as it causes dizziness and drowsiness and they are already weak and prone to falling.

Patients with high or low blood pressure

Patients with high or low blood pressure should use this medication cautiously. 

Can I buy Etizolam online without prescription?

It’s not legal to buy Etizolam without a prescription, it’s risky. But if it’s very necessary to buy Etizolam, then explain your condition to the doctor. If you want to buy Etozolam White house pharma is always the best option.