TITLE:                       Pharmacy Manager

DUTIES:                   Review phys orders; prep compounds/dispenses.

LOCATION:              Gastonia,North Carolina

EDUCATION:         Master’sdeg. (or foreign equiv. deg.) in Pharm. or rel. + knowledge in the oversight pharma. dispensing/drug dosage formulation. NC Pharm lic.

HOURS/SALARY:   40 hours per week with a salary not less than $86,008 per year

SUBMIT RESUME OR CONTACT :  Send resume/cover letter to White House Pharma LLC, 2605 S. York Rd., Gastonia, North Carolina 28052.

This Notice of Filing was made at White House Pharma LLC, 2605 S. York Rd., Gastonia,North Carolina 28052 from November 4, 2020 through December 19, 2020.


White House PHARMA, LLC

By: Div Jones