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What Is Anti-anxiety

Activities to reduce anxiety

Some activities help to overcome anxiety.


Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety. Exercise also reduces muscle tension.


Taking 15-minute intervals of quiet time and meditation to awareness of deep breathing and rest can assist calm your anxiety. You could concentrate to track or repeat a motivational mantra on an everyday basis.

Creative activities

Engaging in creative activities is a better way to reduce anxiety. You can spend your time painting, drawing, or writing which can help to reduce anxiety by promoting self-expression and relaxation.

Social support

 social connection is the best way to relieve stress.  You can Spend time with friends and family to get rid of anxiety.

Medications used to treat anxiety

There are some medications that help to reduce stress.


The most famous anti-anxiety pills are benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are sedatives which could assist relax your muscle mass and calm your mind. They work by increasing the effects of positive neurotransmitters, which are chemical substances that relay messages among your brain cells.

Benzodiazepines help treat many styles of anxiety issues, along with panic disease, generalized anxiety disease, and social anxiety disease. This category includes medicines like Buy Valium, Buy Xanax, Buy Ativan, etc used to treat anxiety for short periods.

It is necessary to use these drugs on your doctor’s prescription for other treatments. However, your doctor might recommend benzodiazepines for up to a year if you have a panic disorder.

Side effects

  • Headache
  • insomnia
  • seizures
  • Drowsiness
  • vision problem


In case you’ve taken a benzodiazepine frequently for extra than 2 weeks, it’s crucial to no longer prevent the pills suddenly, as this can purpose undesirable withdrawal symptoms. Instead, speak with your medical doctor about slowly tapering off your dosage to lessen your danger of seizure.


Basically, Beta-blockers are used to control heart diseases. They help reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. They block a naturally produced stimulant known as epinephrine. Now, The question arises why these are used for the treatment of anxiety. 

Beta-blockers help control the symptoms of anxiety which include sweating, trembling, nervousness, and shaking.

Side effect

  •  Excessive weight gain
  • cold hands
  • fatigue
  • clammy feet
  • shortness of breath


People who have diabetes and asthma should not use beta-blockers.


Antidepressant medications work by affecting neurotransmitters. These drugs may be used to treat anxiety signs and symptoms, but they commonly take 4 to 6 weeks to produce substantial outcomes. SSRIs are included in the types of antidepressants. SSRIs usually started at a low dose that gradually increases on the doctor’s prescription.

Side effect

SSRIs can cause a range of adverse outcomes, but most people tolerate them well.

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscles weakness




Buspirone is used to treat both short-term anxiety and long-lasting anxiety disorders. Buspirone may alter brain chemicals that control mood, while the exact mechanism of action is not well understood.

Side effect

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Strange dreams
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness


Q. Is caffeine causes anxiety?

A: Yes, caffeine causes anxiety.  Due to Caffeine heart rate and blood pressure increase,  and the release of stress hormones  ( cortisol and adrenaline) also increases.

Q. What are some daily tasks which help with reducing anxiety?

A: There are some easy tasks that help to reduce anxiety including cooking, chewing gum, cleaning, dancing, doing a crossword puzzle, going for a walk, practising gratitude, spending time with friends, spiritual practising, taking a nap, stretching out, and massaging your temples.

Q.What should be done to overcome anxiety?

A: If you have anxiety disorder then you need professional help. There are various courses on the internet which you can take according to your convenience or with a therapist present. There are a lot of medicines that help to reduce stress, you can use the medicine after a check-up.